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Spider Solitaire LS

Play spider solitaire!

Looking for a simple card game you can shortly play alone with?

How to play:

- Goal : Put all cards on the table into foundation.

Foundation : Cards from tableau can be moved here, from bottom to top, Ace(1) to K(13), and same suit(♠️♣️❤️♦️) for each foundation. Cards that are placed here are not playable.

Tableau : This is where the cards are kept to move to foundation.
Cards can be placed in descending order, from top to bottom, K(13) to Ace(1) and any kind of suit(♠️♣️❤️♦️) to each row.
At tableau,
- face-up card can be moved to an empty column or onto another columns' the last card that has 1 less number.
- a group of face-up cards can be moved if each of the cards\' suit is the same, and placed at the end of the column.
- once cards are sorted from K to A with a same suit, \n it will automatically be moved to the foundation.

Stock : This is a pile of cards left after setting up tableau, called stock.
It may be used when there is no cards to play at tableau.
Card of the stock will be moved onto the last card\nof each column on the tableau.

Features :

Players : single
Playtime : usually +15 mins
Enjoy Spider Solitaire LS!

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