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Play classic solitaire!

Looking for a simple card game you can shortly play alone with?

How to play

- Goal : Put all cards from tableau onto foundation.

Foundation : Put all cards here. from bottom to top, Ace(1) to K(13), and same suit(♠️♣️❤️♦️) for each foundation. Once an Ace is placed there, it can only be moved among foundations, but the other cards can be removed from the foundation anytime

Tableau : This is where the cards are kept to move to foundation. Cards can be placed in descending order, from top to bottom, K(13) to Ace(1), and different color of suit(♠️♣️♥️♦️) to each rows. At tableau, - the last face-up cards of each columns can be moved to foundation or among tableau, - and any face-up cards of each columns can be moved to among tableau, if the card choosen and the other card are in the sorting order described above.

Stock : This is a pile of cards left after setting up tableau, called stock. It may be used when there is no cards to play at tableau and foundation. Cards can be moved to tableau and foundation directly.

You may have bonus score depending on the time that you win a game.


Players : single
Playtime : usually +2 mins
Enjoy Solitaire LS!

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