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Looking for a simple card game you can shortly play alone with?

How to play:

- Goal : Put all cards on the table into foundation.

Foundation : Cards from tableau can be moved here, from bottom to top, Ace(1) to K(13), and same suit(♠️♣️❤️♦️) for each foundation. Cards can be removed from the foundation anytime.

Tableau : This is where the cards are kept to move to foundation.
Cards can be placed in descending order, from top to bottom, K(13) to Ace(1) and any kind of suit(♠️♣️❤️♦️) to each row.
At tableau,
- the last face-up cards of each columns can be moved to foundation, freecell, or among tableau.
- a group of face-up cards can also be moved among tableau, if the cards are sorted in the order, but the amount is limited.

Freecell : Only one card can be kept on each freecells.
Amount of cards on tableau that can be moved depends on a number of empty freecells and\nempty column of tableau.
Empty tableau columns + empty freecells + 1

Cards can be moved to tableau or foundation directly.

Enjoy playing.

Features :

Players : single
Playtime : usually +8 mins
Enjoy Freecell LS!

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